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week3 MAY 2024






Mon.13 MAY 2024

It was a work-from-home day. I adjusted the design of the leaflets in the morning. In the afternoon, I drew characters for animation teaching children how to make chocolates. I fixed the cacao beans character and the main character who is a nonbinary child. After work, I practiced the ukulele. It was fun though difficult.

Tue.14 MAY 2024

It's a work-from-home day. My husband went to his office for the first time in a long time, so I was home alone. I love my alone time because I can concentrate. I joined a new project on web media’s SNS, so I researched how other web media refresh their feed. After work, I played the Ukulele. I have been practicing it nowadays. It’s become my new hobby.

Wed.15 MAY 2024

In the morning, my husband and my daughter had a fight because she was angry since there were no spats of the length she wanted to wear. He yelled at her not to say that anymore but she wouldn’t listen. The fight escalated, and I interceded. I was so tired. They would not bend their opinions.

Thu.16 MAY 2024

For the first time in a long time, I went to my office. I had several appointments at my office. One of them was with my boss. I was so nervous until it started. But when it began, and I was relieved. My boss welcomed my opinions. Although this is a back-and-forth story, before I left for work, I stopped at a handicraft shop in Shinjuku. It was so fun!!

Fri.17 MAY 2024

It was a work-from-home day. I felt cold since yesterday, then my temperature began increasing. Finally, it had been 37.5 degrees Celsius. I felt so tired, but I had to attend a meeting. After that, I went to bed. My husband cooked dinner. He helped me really well.

Sat.18 MAY 2024

I didn’t wake up all day long because I was sick since yesterday. I felt a sore throat. I found some old medicines for my sore throat. Then I took them. My daughter and husband played a card game while I was sleeping.

Sun.19 MAY 2024

I managed to wake up, though I still felt sick. I wanted to go out to eat and I remembered I reserved a lunch at a pizza restaurant a month ago. I had wanted to go there for such a long time. The restaurant, Pizza Hectopascal, was great, cozy, and delicious. After that we went to a park where a festival is held. We enjoyed it.



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