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week2 MAY 2024





Mon.6 MAY 2024

It was the last day of Golden Week in Japan. We have been staying at a hotel near Tokyo Disney since yesterday. We woke up early to get in line and wait for Tokyo Disney to open. We entered at 8:45AM, and then my husband and I used the Disney app to reserve priority passes for attractions. My daughter enjoyed coasters and rides, with her favorite being Aquatopia in Disney Sea.

Tue.7 MAY 2024

After the long Golden Week holiday that ended yesterday, today was a work-from-home day. I still feel tired and a bit nervous, especially since my boss assigned me some extra chores. To unwind, I started embroidering. Additionally, I have to create a piece for the group exhibition in August. Time is running out! I need to hurry!

Wed.8 MAY 2024

It was a work-from-home day, just like yesterday. During lunchtime, I went to LOPIA, a supermarket, which sells everything cheap. I love LOPIA too much.
In the afternoon, I tried Adobe Firefly to create a new character about cacao.
but it didn’t work well. So I created it on my own. It is still difficult to use AI in the way I want.

Thu.9 MAY 2024

For the first time in a long time, I went to my office, which had moved recently, so everything was new. I had to set up my printer. At noon, I was present for the interview as an art director. I checked the photographs and so on. After that, I moved to the client’s office to have a meeting to decide on characters. I was so nervous, but it went well.

Fri.10 MAY 2024

It was a work from home day. So I went to the library in Ebina.
It takes about 20 minutes to get there from my house, I go there because I can focus, work, and read books that inspire me.
However, I forgot the keyboard for my iPad. I couldn't draw illustrations of characters to brush up. That was a mistake on my part and I regretted it.

Sat.11 MAY 2024

I went to the respiratory medical center near my house to get checked on my condition. The doctor said I needed more medicine but I thought I was in good condition, so I asked her why I should continue taking the medicine for so long. She suggested to try suspending it, then I agreed. When I came back home, I watched “Barbie”, the movie on Netflix. It was a comedy film, but satirizing gender issues. It was funny that men were satirized as wanting to teach women about the stock market and the Godfather film.

Sun.12 MAY 2024

Today was Mother’s Day in Japan, so I called my mother to thank her and catch up with her on everyday life. My daughter gave me a handmade flower with a message, It made me very happy. I then decided to redesign my 2 shirts, by removing the collar, because I didn’t like the shape of the collar. I turned my shirts into no collard shirts. I was satisfied with them.



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