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week1 MAY 2024



Mon.29 APR 2024

I bought the diary to record everyday events in English. I started keeping a diary from today. Today was Showa Day, a public holiday in Japan. We spent time at home relaxing. I was too sleepy to go out early in the day. One of my friends said that Olive oil was going to increase from 30% to 50% starting in May 1st 2024. So I went with my daughter to the super market to buy Olive oil. My friend gave me a tip.

Tue.30 APR 2024

Today was a normal working day and I worked from home. I did bead embroidery in between working hours. My husband had a day off. So he prepared dinner. While he cooked, I finished my bead work. I have to send the data to the designer who makes our exhibition cards tomorrow.

Wed.1 MAY 2024

I worked from home, just like yesterday. There weren’t many tasks for the company, so in between, I worked on a freelance job. I’ve been drawing 8 French authors using a black brush pen. Today I scanned them and made adjustments, adding color layers in my illustration app. Finally I finished and sent them to the client. However, shortly after, she pointed out a mistake. I’ll need to fix it tomorrow.

Thu.2 MAY 2024

In the morning, I corrected the mistake pointed out by my client.
At lunchtime, I read about a new pork restaurant that had opened, so I went there.
However, it turned out there was no new restaurant; the article was wrong.
Instead, I went to an Indian restaurant.
After that, I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries.
In the evening, I had an irregular job of listening to an interview on Zoom.
The man interviewed was a film director for “The Zone of Interest”.

Fri.3 MAY 2024

Today was Constitution Memorial Day in Japan. We went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. After that, my husband and I cleaned the outside of the house, sweeping up fallen leaves and pulling weeds, while our daughter practiced riding her bicycle.

We are planning to go to Tokyo Disney in two days, so we discussed how to get there, which rides to go on, and what to eat. It was fun but also a bit tedious.

Sat.4 MAY 2024

It was Greenery Day, a public holiday in Japan, and my daughter had a cheerleeding performance at Sakuragi-cho. She danced on stage twice in front of the Nippon Maru, a lerge old Japanese traveling ship docked there. Her performances were amazing and lovely. Afterward, we went to the mall near St. Sakuragi. We enjoyed shopping and took a break at a cafe. When we returned home, we carefully prepared for tomorrow’s trip to Tokyo Disney.

Sun.5 MAY 2024

It was Children’s Day, a public holiday in Japan. We finally got to go to Tokyo Disney! I had planned 2 days for Disney, and today, the first day, was for Disney Sea. I bought early evening tickets, which allowed us to enter the park at 3:00 PM. It wasn’t the best choice because we couldn’t use priority pass to enter attractions without waiting. However, since it was our first time at Disney Sea, we still enjoyed it.



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